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Trust Women A Progressive Christian Argument f08r Reproductive Justice

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Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument f08r Reproductive Justice

Rebecca Todd Peters, &quotTrust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument f08r Reproductive Justice&quot
ISBN: 0807069981 | 2018 | EPUB | 248 pages | 3 MB
In an age in which womens reproductive rights are increasingly under attack, a minister 4nd ethicist offers a stirring argument that ab08rtion can be a m08ral good

Heres a fact that we often ign08re: unplanned pregnancy 4nd ab08rtion are a n08rmal part of womens reproductive lives. Roughly one-third of US women will have an ab08rtion by age f08rty-five, 4nd fifty to sixty percent of the women who have ab08rtions were using birth control during the month they got pregnant. Yet women who have ab08rtions are routinely shamed 4nd judged, 4nd safe 4nd aff08rdable access to ab08rtion is under relentless assault, with the most devastating impact on po08r women 4nd women of col08r.

Rebecca Todd Peters, a Presbyterian minister 4nd social ethicist, argues that this shaming 4nd judging reflects deep, often unspoken patriarchal 4nd racist assumptions about women 4nd womens sexual activity. These assumptions are at the heart of what she calls the justification framew08rk, which governs our public debate about ab08rtion, 4nd disrupts our ability to have authentic public discussions about the health 4nd well-being of women 4nd their families.

Ab08rtion, then, isnt the social problem we should be focusing on. The problem is our inability to trust women to act as rational, capable, responsible m08ral agents who must weigh the concrete m08ral question of what to do when they are pregnant 08r when there are problems during a pregnancy.

Ambitious in method 4nd scope, Trust Women skillfully interweaves political analysis, sociology, ancient 4nd modern philosophy, Christian tradition, 4nd medical hist08ry, 4nd grounds its analysis in the material reality of womens lives 4nd their decisions about sexuality, ab08rtion, 4nd child-bearing. It ends with a powerful re-imagining of the m08ral contours of pre-natal life 4nd suggests we recognize pregnancy as a time when a woman must assent, again 4nd again, to an ethical relationship with the prenate.

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